Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • We keep to a minimum, the information we hold about you
  • We use your data to provide our services to you, respond to your enquiries, manage our relationship with you, meet our legal obligations, and improve our website
  • We delete your data when it is no longer needed for these things
  • Generally, we do not give your information to third parties, but there are some exceptions
  • You have lots of privacy rights
  • We take security seriously
  • We may record calls
  • We use cookies on our website
  • We are happy to answer your questions about any of this

Want more detail?

To see more about how we use your personal data, read the notice or notices which apply best to your relationship with us:

Call recording

We record some of our calls, as we find that it can be useful to listen again to conversations, particularly the more technical ones, to help understand what we have been told. Sometimes, we need to listen to things two or three times and, by being able to do this automatically, we save you having to repeat yourself. That way, we can hopefully ask more relevant and useful questions. Calls are recorded and stored on our cloud platform.

If we provide your telephony services, we may occasionally record calls made by you to your customers for troubleshooting and diagnostic purposes.

We delete the recordings as soon as we have decided that we will no longer need to listen to them again. In most cases, this is within 4 hours after the call takes place.

Where we have a phone call relating to a customer’s broadband connection  or telephony service where the customer is not present, we may share the call recording with that customer by their preferred communications mechanism (which may include unencrypted email).

ICO registration

Chicane Internet is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Z246586X).

Get in touch

Tel: 01473 358222 (Calls may be recorded)



Download the Chicane Privacy Notice in PDF format.

Download the Chicane Data Protection Policy in PDF format.