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Stay connected with our range of high-speed, competitively priced unlimited broadband and fibre plans

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Leased Lines

Dedicated lines up to 125 times faster than standard ADSL and far more secure.

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Hosted VoIP

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a game changer, allowing you to link your business number with any internet-connected device.

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Partner Programme

Earn up to 20% recurring revenue and broaden your portfolio as a Chicane partner.

Chicane Hosted VoIP

Chicane’s hosted VOIP platform is a business communication system that gives you intuitive and flexible control over your telephony, and puts a number of powerful features at your fingertips.

Our web-based VOIP plans allow you to connect your employees anywhere in the world. Easily take business calls from your home PC or mobile. Never miss an important call again with voicemail to email. Get access to call data reports and even receive email transcripts of your voicemails.


And as you grow, create regional offices, and give your staff the flexibility of remote working, our system grows with you. It’s as simple as adding new handsets to your broadband connection.


Sick of unreliable internet speeds? Are your current providers uninterested or unable to give you the swift connectivity you need? Chicane care about keeping you connected, and our competitively priced range of high-speed unlimited broadband and fibre plans are designed to reach the speeds and locations other providers can’t.  We also offer the reassurance that our expert UK based support staff are on hand to ensure any connectivity issues are quickly resolved.

Leased Lines

If your business relies on Cloud, or web-based services, you need to know your internet connection is unshakable. Our affordable leased line plans give you a dedicated, smooth and reliable internet connection that’s provided solely for your business to use. No more competing for your share of the connection with other local broadband users. Enjoy speeds of up to 125 faster than standard ADSL, without any of the associated interference issues. This is connectivity you can trust.


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