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Stay connected with our range of high-speed, competitively priced unlimited broadband and fibre plans

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Leased Lines

Dedicated lines up to 125 times faster than standard ADSL avoiding all associated interference issues

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Hosted VoIP

VoIP is a game changer, allowing you to link your business number with any internet-connected device

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Partner Programme

Maximise your per customer revenue and retention whilst earning up to 20% recurring revenue share

Chicane Hosted VoIP

We can now use the internet to provide superior quality phone lines and do some truly amazing things to help you and your business.

With our web-based plans you can combine your offices and connect your employees from anywhere in the world, sync any device with an internet connection and take business calls from your home PC or mobile.  You need never miss an important call again. Additional features include being able to access your businesses phone line from anywhere and stay in contact from home or on the go, keep track of call data and automatically store phone numbers and client info as well as receiving email transcripts of your voicemails. No more rewinding of answering machines. You can even add a personal touch by making and receiving video calls with your team and your clients.


Is your internet unreliable or frustrating? Do you work in an area where the main providers say they can’t help? Or maybe you just like the idea of working with a company that actually cares about you and your business. Whatever the reason, Chicane have the solution to all your internet needs. Stay connected with our range of high-speed, unlimited broadband and fibre plans. Our competitively priced deals reach locations where other providers can’t, and our expert team of engineers and customer service staff are there to fix any issues and keep you online.

Leased Lines

It’s easy to enjoy the simplicity of a fast and smooth internet connection with one of our leased line plans. A leased line is a direct line for your internet that only you use, meaning no other businesses or homes are fighting for your connection. Our dedicated lines are up to 125 times faster than standard ADSL speeds and avoid all the associated interference issues, which means your internet is reliable, fast and always connected.


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